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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I consistently struggle with two pretty important things in life: geography and current events.

I was a lost cause on the news-front until Adam read me a small article from a spring issue of Vanity Fair. It was about The Skimm, a new email subscription targeted towards young professional women. I am relatively young and only semi-professional, so I hopped on that bandwagon before he could finish the next VF article. (They are so LONG.) Ever since, around 5:30am I get an email with updates on all the largest news stories of the day. I read the entire email every morning while I blow dry my hair.

The Skimm writers recap boring important stories in a way that's easy to understand and entertaining - they have a great sense of humor. #lotsofhashtagsused.
I'm sure many bloggers have written about The Skimm. (First article of business of getting the blog back in action: start writing. Second article of business: get caught up on reading.) But in case you hadn't heard of  The Skimm before, or weren't sure if it was something you'd actually read, I highly recommend subscribing to it. Gone are the days of politely nodding my head and smiling until someone brings up the last episode of Duck Dynasty. I can now have educated conversations with my superiors at the office about Obamacare, the MLB playoffs, and the Twitter IPO with little research and effort. Maybe someone will notice and I'll get paid more next year.....


  1. Love this, Moni! Just subscribed! And I love the part about reading while blow drying your hair :) I will be doing this too - every second counts!!

  2. Just signed up too! Can't wait to be smarter!


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