have yourself a merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hi readers, just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope Santa is good to you and the holiday is filled with great food, fun memories and a kiss or two under the mistletoe!

I'll be back after vacation and will try to write a post or two of my experience in Cancun for Christmas!


Christmas vacay announcement!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's only 10 DAYS until CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it? I can't, especially because I'm leaving for Cancun in six short days! 

I'm going with my immediate family: Mom, Dad and the little bro who is a Senior at K-State. I have not been to Cancun before, although I've been close by - Cozumel last year for a beautiful wedding and Playa del Carmen for high school spring break. I am SO excited and have been listening to Ella Fitzgerald's and Jimmy Buffet's versions of "Christmas Island" every morning for the past few weeks.

My mom has said for the last five or so years that she's wanted to skip Christmas decorating and gifts and the cold, and go somewhere remote. The first few years the dream destination was Australia. Then Mexico. And every year around Thanksgiving she'd say "maybe next year". So this fall when she was dreaming of Cancun again, my brother and I didn't take her too seriously. Hence why this vacation has completely snuck up on me - I kept thinking it would never happen! We have next to zero plans for eight days which is the opposite of previous family vacations where my energetic and over-prepared mom would have something scheduled every morning. That is a trip, not a vacation. All I plan to do is read, drink strawberry daiquiris and work on a tan (aka get more freckles and turn pink). I can't wait!

Have you ever vacayed over Christmas? Do you think you'd ever want to?

high gloss high glam

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

While pre-drinking before the bars a few weeks ago (wait - can every post start like this??) I was talking to a friend whose parents were just finishing redecorating their entire house. She was describing some of the big changes, and one really stuck with me; they painted all the doors (or maybe just all on the main floor?) high gloss black. So I've compiled some examples found on Pinterest, but may I say, pictures of high gloss black doors are pretty scarce on the internets. Maybe I'll just have to take a road trip to Sabetha and snap some photos of my friend's parents' glammed up house!





tgif and nye outfit inspiration

Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm so thrilled it's Friday! I found this adorable picture over at Blog Brunch and had to share. Obviously she is ready for a fabulous evening.

I used to dread New Year's Eve. Like I had 7 years of bad December 31st's. So in years past I've just pulled something from my closet for the end-of-the-year party because 1. I didn't want to jinx myself buying something wonderful and having no where to go, and 2. I didn't look forward to it so after Christmas I didn't have time to find and purchase a great outfit. Not this year, though! We are going to a house party and I am so excited, and definitely in need of a new ensemble.

Here are some great options for a sparkly, exciting New Year's Eve, no matter what your plans are.

TFNC sequin dress

ASOS lace skater dress

Alice + Olivia alameda crepe dress
This one falls outside of the sparkly spectrum, but I love a bright dress among all the black and silver of New Year's!

Robert Rodriguez silk blend dress

Love those gold pants! Similar found here.

gift guide: the men

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First off, shout out to one of my favorite bloggers, Allyson at Mimosas in the Morning for this hump day motivation. My mom says this all the time whenever one of the cousins blurts out "I'm bored" in that whiny, high-pitched way little kids (and grown-ups who need more hobbies) do.

Now on to the subject of this post: finding a good gift for the men in our lives. I am a self-proclaimed boys' girl. Not a tomboy mind you. That ship sailed in 1st grade when I realized playing dress up was way better than playing any sport. I grew up surrounded by families with three boys in tow and and have a wonderful little brother; no sisters to steal my clothes and make up. I'd much rather watch football all day on Saturday and Sunday than watch a marathon of some Bravo or E! show, or Lifetime movies. Luckily I found some prime high school and college girlfriends along the way to share secrets and go shopping with, learn important life lessons from (like everything is better with a little cookie dough and champagne) and go on unforgettable trips with.

But back to the boys. They can be a real pain to shop for, don't you think? Blue Eyes is particularly difficult because he hates most anything to do with recent fashion (opposites attract, right?). All the men in my life buy whatever they want whenever they find it, so there's no point in asking for lists. So the key is to find items that they either don't know they want yet, or wouldn't spend money on for themselves. Here's a little guide (tailored mostly toward the boyfriend/brother/best guy friend) that will hopefully provide some help!

1. RHCP Live at Slane Castle DVD. There's not a better DVD to have on in the background for a party.
4. Bakon vodka (perfect for bloody mary's!)
5. Lego Star Wars alarm clock. Judge me all you want but if you have a Yoda/Anakin/Darth fan in your life (like I do, what went wrong?), you'll be their hero with this gift. 

Top 5 Tuesday: lonny nov/dec issue

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well this was again very difficult to narrow down my five favorite finds from this past issue of Lonny. And as promised, I'm a month late. So without further adieu narrative, here they are!

1. the luxe life

Celerie Kemble designs

 OMG that chandelier!!! I will probably get excommunicated for saying this, but I really dislike chandeliers. I think they are gaudy and downright offensive in most living spaces. However; this 1970s Italian glass leaf chandelier is simply glamazing in a feminine, eclectic way. Now take your eyes away from the light fixture, and you'll see the table is set with my new favorite tableware: Goldware! 

2. Jonathan Adler

needlepoint zodiac pillows
Lonny did a 10-page spread on Jonathan Adler for this issue. I've always loved his whimsy, happy and irreverent (his word, not mine!) style, and wanted to know more about who he is and how he tapped in to that fun-ness, oh and made *tons* of money off it. Well Lonny readers, most of those answers are in the mag! You'll get an inside look of his office, which I want to steal the cork wall idea for huge inspiration boards. 

3. hints of peacock

I have a similar vase with peacock feather in my living room right now. It brings some height and texture to an otherwise neutral space. The chair is called Peacock chair, produced by Shi & Erhard. How cute would this be in a master bedroom, or even better, screened-in porch??

4. diy

Some of the beautiful pieces in this Manhattan living room definitely belong in the luxe life section, but the part of this space I want to focus on are the blinds. They are from Sears, and the owner (Lonny's features editor) used Gorilla Glue and brown velvet to make them one-of-a-kind. What a great idea.... this is going to Pinterest for future use.

5. really great quotes/advice

"Carrie Fisher says that what you hang on your bedroom walls is what you want for your life. Yikes. So I've made a concerted effort to surround myself with images that move and uplift me." - Robert Leleux, Lonny's features editor

Advice from Jonathan Adler. I will take it!!

gift guide: for the traveler

Monday, December 5, 2011

Whether they're a beach bum or a snow bunny, your gift will be a hit with any of these presents. My personal favorite is of course the Frye boots, which I have been living in since I got them at the Nordstrom anniversary sale over the summer. They survived the concrete jungle of Buenos Aires, and five months later I still get compliments almost every time I wear them. They are the best wardrobe investment!!

3. Fuji instax mini 50S camera (produces credit card-sized photos in a few seconds!)
5. Lodis athena dylan zip iPad case (love this in rose gold)

gift guide: for the fabulous

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We all know her. The really fabulous friend/sister/aunt/Barbie who has just about everything and therefore is ridiculously hard to shop for. I have a few of these women in my life. One is my mother, whose personality doppelgänger is Martha Stewart and who routinely shows up in clothes I've been sale stalking online. I know, it's tough. You should feel semi-sorry for me.

Anyway enough about my really great mom. The point is that she and many other women are intimidating to impress come Christmas gifting time. Hopefully this little guide helps you (or the people who have you on their gift list!):

oh hello


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