Christmas vacay announcement!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's only 10 DAYS until CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it? I can't, especially because I'm leaving for Cancun in six short days! 

I'm going with my immediate family: Mom, Dad and the little bro who is a Senior at K-State. I have not been to Cancun before, although I've been close by - Cozumel last year for a beautiful wedding and Playa del Carmen for high school spring break. I am SO excited and have been listening to Ella Fitzgerald's and Jimmy Buffet's versions of "Christmas Island" every morning for the past few weeks.

My mom has said for the last five or so years that she's wanted to skip Christmas decorating and gifts and the cold, and go somewhere remote. The first few years the dream destination was Australia. Then Mexico. And every year around Thanksgiving she'd say "maybe next year". So this fall when she was dreaming of Cancun again, my brother and I didn't take her too seriously. Hence why this vacation has completely snuck up on me - I kept thinking it would never happen! We have next to zero plans for eight days which is the opposite of previous family vacations where my energetic and over-prepared mom would have something scheduled every morning. That is a trip, not a vacation. All I plan to do is read, drink strawberry daiquiris and work on a tan (aka get more freckles and turn pink). I can't wait!

Have you ever vacayed over Christmas? Do you think you'd ever want to?


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