Monday, August 20, 2012

Today I am providing updates on the many ongoing projects and goals I've put in place over the last few months.

First topic of discussion: Fantasy Project Runway

This season is going about as poorly as last year. I drafted one awesome competitor, Sonjia, who is carrying my team. Andrea was a coward and left the show in the middle of the night, and Raul is the bain of my team's existence as he continually ends up in the bottom of the bunch, awarding me with negative points each episode. When he finally got kicked off a few weeks back I was thrilled he wouldn't drag my team points farther in the red. But as Project Runway has been known to do, the producers invited the man with the ugliest hair in the history of the show back, just to give Heidi Klum the task of saying auf wiedersehen to him for the second time last week. I just about poured a glass of wine over my head when I saw him back in the work room.

Second topic: Spending freeze

Five days in and $0 spent on clothes/accessories/shoes.

brunching @ Gram & Dun
$70 spent on brunch yesterday. Good thing I decided food & drink weren't part of the freeze.

Third topic: 2012 resolutions

1. Learn Spanish. Doing a pretty horrible job on this lately.
2.Work out three times a week. I'm averaging three work outs each week and really enjoying the classes offered at Woodside.
3. Go to church. Summer is tough on church attendance with lots of lake weekends. Probably now averaging 2-3 times per month.
4. Eat more veggies. I'm making a concentrated effort to up my veggie intake, but am not at the level I'd like to be at yet.
5. Read 12 books. I finished book one of the 50 Shades trilogy and can't imagine taking any more time out of my life to finish the series. I'm now over halfway through Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? tome. So I've read 6 1/2 books in almost 9 months. Does anyone else slow down their reading over the summer?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. And if you have any quick but enjoyable book suggestions for me, I'll take them! I really want to cross that resolution off in December.


  1. Well it sounds like you're making pretty good progress on most of your goals! For a book recommendation, I'd suggest How to Love an American Man if you haven't read it yet. It's a fairly new memoir by Kristine Gasbarre. I loved it! Happy reading :)

  2. So you wouldn't recommend reading 50 shades trilogy? Was going to order them for our vaca but maybe I'll think twice, what were your thoughts?

    1. I think it depends on a few things: what kind of reader you are, what genre you enjoy, and what you want out of a book. 50 Shades was not a good fit for me, but there are plenty of women who will tell you it was a very fun "escape". The plot was entertaining at times (like all the raunchy parts), and it's fun to contribute to conversations about the book, but overall I was underwhelmed with the quality. That being said, I finished it quickly and am glad I got through the first book. If you like Shopaholic/Twilight-esque books, you may really enjoy it, especially on a vacation.


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