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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thanks to some pop culture icons for turning one of my nerdy necessities in to a hot trend. You know what I'm talking about already, right?

The so-called geek chic look is so desirable that people blessed with 20/20 vision are wearing specs with no prescription. I dig this look. I dig it because I have never had perfect vision (or anywhere close to it) and have been rocking some pretty thick frames for the last 20 years.

My first pair of thick frames were white with pink speckles.
real-life strawberry shortcake
The above picture is especially cute/sad when you know I believed (even back then) I looked like this:

cutest redhead with glasses ever? yes.
Thank God for moms who instill confidence in their daughters at a young age.....

In fourth grade, I got contacts and refused to wear glasses for the majority of my awkward pre-teen years. This was an excellent decision on my part, as I didn't need any unflattering additions to my red hair, bangs, braces, pale skin and bone-thin physique.
Notice there is no picture of this stage of my life. I mean, I'm not a masochist.

When high school rolled around, it was time for some new glasses. This time I went outside the box of the thin wire-framed glasses that were all the rage (remember the iconic CK glasses?) and bought a pair that sparked the short-lived nickname Rivers. It's pertinent to note this is also when I started to listen to Weezer (completely related to the nickname) and my music rebirth/obsession as I know it began.

Since I wear my frames infrequently, I usually keep one set of glasses for at least four years. Can you believe I don't lose them? I hardly can.

With that said, I'm still rocking my college frames. They are by far my favorite pair I've ever owned. And not just because they're Prada. OK maybe a little bit. My mom decided to start working when I left for K-State,  and got a receptionist job at an optometrist's office. Mom really liked the work and paychecks. I really liked the designer frame selection and her discount. This is where my affinity for designer sunglasses was born, but that's another story for another day.

two-toned and tortoise. can't go wrong.
So although I still treasure my current frames, I can't help but start planning for my next pair. There are so many options now that Ashley Olsen has been wandering around the world with big thick specs! Below, my two top contenders. What do you think?

bon look jungle chic

warby parker winston


  1. my rayban frames look like the bottom ones. and I LOVE THEM. the ombre look is perfect for my fair skin!

  2. so you do realize that the first picture is sydney from thedaybook ... I told you ... you guys are meant to be. ;)


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