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Friday, August 3, 2012

My beloved boots have been sitting on the top rack of my closet waiting for Autumn football season. Here I go, rushing the season again

please don't judge the hangers. i am too cheap to buy coordinating ones.
Eleven pairs of boots is more than enough for a girl who doesn't ride horses, don't you think? Granted there are many different types in this population: wedges, Sperry's, equestrian-style, cowboy, rain, and vintage. Yep, vintage. Two pairs (#6 & #10) were originally my mom's from the 1970s.

Until yesterday, Pair #7 were my newest and possibly my favorites since they have my college mascot branded on them. Go Cats!

I noticed I really need boot shapers. Just look at sad #4 and #8. This post has tons of great ideas for diy boot shapers. This is happening, stat.

So maybe this closet isn't lacking in the boots department. But boots are my weakness. And the Nordstrom Anniversary sale was chock-full of glorious boots in all shapes, heights and colors.

So I accidentally took these guys home.

Steve Madden Judgemnt boots

And by accidentally I mean I can't wait to wear them. I love the two-tone leather (black and brown might be my favorite fashion color combo), the harness detail, and saving $80. I don't think I'm going to be able to wait until the temperature is in the 60s. I'll be that ridiculous girl with boots and skinny jeans on in end-of-August humid heat.

Are you getting new boots for football season? What is your weakness when it comes to fall shopping?


  1. Talk to me honestly about your Hunter Boots. I want them in PURPLE for KSU games so badly. I feel like I would wear them for the rest of my life...

  2. You should use wine bottles for boot shapers! That's what I use and I'm sure you don't have a shortage of wine bottles around your apartment :) empty of course....

    I will be right there with you wearing boots too early... I'm pretty close to just wearing them tomorrow.

  3. I LOVE BOOOTS. They are perfect for fall and winter.
    New to your blog, lady :) Yahoo!

    Lady Million

  4. I love boots too! I find it so hard to find ones that look good on me though- my legs are super skinny (sadly) so the boots always look huge on me in the width. Those black Steve Madden ones are cute!

  5. Yeah, Finally another boot person!! I was wearing my vintage Ugg Locarno's ( have them in 3 different colors) a few weeks ago and everyone was making fun of me. I desparately nee a way to keep my 20 pairs of boot in my Dressing room!! fon


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