bucket list

My personal bucket list. Filled with dreams, fears, goals and fun.

visit all 50 states (current count: 29)
fly first class
visit paris & the louvre
locks of love
visit london
learn spanish fluently
attend the olympics
adopt a dog
visit barcelona & la sagrada familia
learn to make grandma's fried chicken
visit the new seven wonders of the world (current count: 1)
read don quixote
be part of a startup
ride in a hot air balloon
take a cheese-making class
visit the hagia sophia
be a vegetarian for a month
knit a blanket
read the entire jane austen collection
visit rome & the vatican
hold a koala
get married
go on a mission trip as an adult
become a mom
learn to dock the boat
be a bridesmaid
watch all the movies on AFI's top 100
participate in a flash mob
go to a jack white concert

Many thanks to Megan at Wear Your Passion for the inspiration to make my bucket list live on the internets.


  1. I'm also trying to hit all 50 states- but before I turn 50! I'm jealous you've already been to so many. Have you ever done a cross-country road trip?

    Alyssa @ www.ruffleandcurl.com


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