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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Since the age of 9 (whether I was technically aware of it or not) I have wanted to be an entrepreneur.
Yep. You read that right. Nine. Entrepreneur.
I learned that word from my dad, who worked long hours during my childhood to keep his company thriving.

There weren't any briefcases on my Christmas list or Excel spreadsheets in my dreams.
There were many late nights sketching apparel designs and inventing clothing store names.
While my dreams of being the owner of the best Delia's knock-off store have dissipated (at nine, Delia's was the coolest), my ambition to be part of a new company has not.

I didn't start my own business, yet.
But this past month (as I vaguely mentioned here), I became a founding member of one.
There have been lots of ups, a few downs, some restless nights, and many glasses of wine consumed since I quit my old job two Fridays ago.
Perhaps the best part of this whole experience so far is creating a company culture I can be proud of, and have an influential part of.
That, and I got to write the copy for the website.

It's a crazy thing, really. Leaving something old and familiar and hoping that your professional relationships and drive are enough to launch and sustain a a brand new venture.
I don't talk much about my corporate life on the blog, and I don't plan to much after this post, but I just had to share the exciting news.
It's hard to believe I get to cross this off the bucket list. I thought for sure I'd be at least 40 before an opportunity like this came around.

Here's to hoping hard work pays off!
Now I do believe it's just about wine time...

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  1. I am so excited for you! And so excited to hear more about this! No doubt you will be successful in all that you do. Duh. :) Congrats lady!

  2. Oh, and Delia's was the best. We need to discuss one day all of the awesome Delia's purchases I had:)

  3. I recently went to Delia's to find something to wear for an 80's party. Just FYI it's miniature sized... do not put yourself into the dressing room with something that's a small and assume it will fit, it's basically like emotional cutting.

    On a lighter note... I am SSSSOOOO happy for you! I can't wait to hear more about it and wish we would've had more time last weekend to catch up not in a crowded loud bar with lot's of mustaches but I am grateful we at least got that! :)

    Love you!!!


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