month in photos: october

Monday, November 5, 2012

October was one wild ride.

6 happy hours.
4 Wildcat wins.
2 bachelorette parties.
2 surprise birthday parties.
1 nasty cold.
1 bucket list item completed.
0 cute pictures with Blue Eyes.
countless prayers said for the victims of Sandy.

just a bunch of slobs at Liz's bachelorette party in St. Louis

be prepared to see many more pics of Tiff and I in January as we head off to Mexico for destination wedding #2.

pretty pink Kansas City sky. 

impomptu DIY project with leftover Kate Spade packaging.

number 2, baby.

my 2013 planner arrived, compliments of Letter C design.


  1. Love. Lots of pretty girls in the first picture. Lots of awesome purple in the 5th picture. Go Cats!

  2. your kate spade frame is the cutest! such a good idea. and you all look gorgeous in the first picture! looks like it was fun :)


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