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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You know, like book worm. I know you all need to add more blogs to your Google Reader, right?

About once a month I take a hard look at the blogs I am following and attempt to weed out any that I've stopped keeping up with for whatever reason. Currently I have 78 blogs/tumblr sites in my Reader subscription list. That even seems a little ridiculous to me. Granted some of the authors post less than once a week, but there are some that I love (like this and this) that post multiple times a day! Frankly, I'm just never caught up. I don't think I've had under 300 unread posts at one time in months.

And you know what? That's OK with me. Because these blogs I read are interesting, yummy, pretty, creative, funny, and good. I'm always excited to see what the authors have to share. So I hope through this little post, you find some new amazing blogs to read. And for even more blogs that I read on the reg, check out my dailies page up above!

What are your favorite blogs? 


  1. I refuse to disclose how many blogs I read. Refuse. And excited to be on your dailies.

  2. You made me think that I should go through all the blogs I fallow as well and why someone follow my blog. hmmmm..

    xoxo Ra


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