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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Have you ever taken a minute and thought about how important eyebrows are to a person's face? If not, just check this out and then meet me back here.....

Yikes. So other than keeping sweat from dripping in our eyes, they have some aesthetic importance as well.

If you have naturally dark brows, I give you 100% guilt-free permission to skip this post. For the rest of you, I present you with eyebrow experience in hopes it helps you with yours.

As a redhead, my brows are really light and undefined. I tried tinting them for years, which was a nice solution except for the three days after each session. No matter the shade of brown dye, it was always too dark for those following days, and I felt like a ginger Morticia Addams. Not cute.

After all that time of  (expensive) dyeing and not being thrilled with the outcome, I decided my brows didn't need any extra attention. That was the year I learned negligence is never the answer. I then went through a pencil phase, but found them either too chalky or too waxy.

Finally a few weeks ago I texted my redhead friend with blonde brows and asked what she does to make hers look so good. Why I didn't do this years ago is beyond me.....

She enlightened me to the world of using eye shadow as a brow darkener. I decided it was worth a shot. So I went to my new makeup BFF Dan at NARS, picked up Lola Lola and a fancy brow brush (And new bronzer. I got sidetracked.) and went on my way. I've been really happy with the results, and it's easier to apply than I anticipated!

I hope this helps you fellow fair-haired friends out there. If you've found a good solution for your brows, please share in the comments so we can have a list of options!

If you have dark brows and are still reading this, don't you feel lucky?

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  1. My brows are light brown so I just darken them a little bit. My thing with brows though is that I hate the shape of mine. Sadly, my natural "shape" doesn't include a defined arch like I wish!

    Life Unsweetened

  2. I have been obsessing over my eyebrows lately, too! I want them more defined, but I'm scared to try a pencil. And I don't know enough to make them how I want them. I need a makeover. From a professional.

  3. I had no idea this was red heads had to worry about this! The only red head I know has long bangs, so maybe that's how she deals with it? lol I'll have to ask! Love your blog, I'm now following you :)




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