accidental twinsies

Monday, October 1, 2012

The fall wedding season is upon us, and while organizing a packing list for last weekend's wedding, I found myself with zero cool-weather dresses. In previous years, I would repurpose a summer dress with a shawl and closed-toe shoes, but this year I wanted to invest in a new, sleeved garment for the Wyoming wedding, and a St. Louis wedding in November. I headed to Nordstrom and went home with a beautiful navy lace Adrianna Papell dress

About a week earlier, someone else went to and bought a pretty purple lace Adrianna Papell dress for a wedding in Wyoming.

accidental twinsies

entertaining our family with twins pics
that's the face of a thrilled daughter

That "someone else" was my mom. As previously mentioned, she's pretty fabulous and has killer style. I was taught (by her) at an early age not to buy a dress right before a special occasion, because there's a good chance someone else will be wearing it too. And then there we were, in the Rock City Holiday Inn with the same dress and no other options. Breaking our own rule really caught up with us this time. Luckily I styled mine with a pair of boots and gold jewelry while she wore pumps and hose. It was a source of much laughter at the family wedding as you can imagine. 

Moral of the story, shop weeks before a special event if you're wanting a new outfit. Or else you might be twinsies with your mom.


  1. That is hilarious! My mom and I do this all the time on accident- usually with the same colored shirt or shoes.

    Life Unsweetened

  2. This is awesome! Too funny! Unfortunately, my mom and I would never wear the same thing:). That's awesome that your mom has such great style.


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