month in photos: september

Friday, October 5, 2012

Last night I had a crazy realistic dream. One of those that when you wake up, you have no clue where you are for a few minutes. I was in Danielle Moss's chic Chicago apartment, just hanging out like we're friends in real life. She was giving me advice and kindly letting me read her collection of motivational books while lounging in her living room. (Must've been a stress-induced dream after yesterday's post.) Know how I figured out this was a dream? I was reading 350+ page books in one sitting. Oh and I was in Chicago hanging out with my blogger crush. Don't know who Danielle Moss is? Check out her blog, and her amazing website, the EveryGirl.

Now on to a topic that makes me sound a little less creepy than dreaming about self-help books and successful bloggers, here is the month of September, courtesy of my iPhone. 

my favorite coffee mug and essie power clutch polish // sand sculpting for work philanthropy
Paper Source is my happy place // nearly completed art project (more on that to come)
best card ever // j. crew pencil skirt with new oxblood flats from ShoeMint

September = K-State football season around here.
Blue Eyes & I at the Miami game // stadium renovations are under way
Wildcats boots // tailgating with our twin couple
K-S-U in Wyoming with my bro and same-dress-wearer mom the day K-State beat OU// EMAW!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful September, and have a lovely weekend. I am off to STL with my besties to celebrate a beautiful bride-to-be! 


  1. If you're ever in Chicago we will have to meat and read some design books. You are too sweet! ...and I'm blushing a little. Thank you!

    Have a great weekend! xo


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