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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My view last week. 

What I'm looking for more of this week.

I'm back from an extremely fun and relaxing vacation in Tulum. The freckles are out of control I tell ya.

One of my favorite people got hitched to a wonderful guy, and I played in the ocean with Blue Eyes and many new and old friends.
A few more pictures will be up later in the week, but I wanted to ask your advice on something. 

Through this past year of blogging, I've fallen completely in love with photography. 
I am starting to recognize when pictures have been taken with a DSLR vs. iPhone vs. little Canon PowerShot, which is what I currently use for vacations. 
It's a great starter camera, but I think it's time to take the plunge in to the expensive exciting DSLR world. 
Especially after I used my friend's Rebel a few times while in Mexico. 

So here are my questions for all you photographers (amateur or not) out there: 
What's the word on the street for the best beginner DSLR camera? 
What camera do you use? 
Do you like it? 
Where is the best place to buy? 
Are the warranties a waste of money?
Can I get something great for under $800? I sure hope so.
Give me all you got.

Update: I plan on taking lessons so I don't act like this with my new camera. Seriously Sony, hilarious.


  1. The good news I have for you is this - it is actually not as much about the quality of your camera as learning how to use it. I was have a Canon Rebel DSLR and my friend Rachel (www.solandrachel.com) has the next up beast. Her photos are a little better but because we've both taken lessons and studied how to shoot on manual, the differences are FAR less noticeable.

    And it will be so fun and you will love it so much.

  2. Oh Yay!!!! You obviously know how excited I am to hear this! So I have the Rebel T2i. Absolutely adore it, but I think any of the Rebels would do just fine (the T3i is amazing too!). I would definitely say start with a rebel ... the 60D is nice, but not sure if the extra $ is necessary for your first DSLR. I bought mine off the Canon website because they were having some special "bundle deal" ... and I really wanted the 250mm lens. Your rebel will probably come with a 55mm lens, but if you want the "blurred background" look, you may want to purchase a bigger lens. I use my 250 about 75% of the time I'd say. Definitely worth the moolah.

    Ok, I'm done. Mainly because if you want to know more, we should go out for drinks and talk and you can play with my camera and see what you think. :)


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