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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hi guys. Remember me? The girl who was awesome at blogging in August until a few days ago? Yeah, about that.
what i used to do at night
It's not that I've had a lack of interesting stories to tell or pretty things to share. Quite the opposite actually. But there have been a ton of things to wrap up and tie a pretty bow on, figuratively, this week. Stuff like finishing a book, emptying my dirty laundry basket, a Fantasy Football draft (and the studying up to it!) and a trip to the Ozarks with my high school friends.

going on 12 years of friendship with this crew 

So I thought I'd take a few minutes to blog about something I've never addressed on little miss finer feelings before (because my blog is a girl, ya know). The name. How I got it, where it came from, and other options I considered.

I wanted to start a blog about six months before I actually did. The main reason for the wait was that I worked ridiculously long hours at a company that sucks the life out of its employees. Yikes. The other reason was because I couldn't decide on a name.

My favorite option when I was brainstorming a blog name was "Bordeaux in the Bedroom". Because I drink a lot of wine. In bed. I've knocked the glass off and spilled wine on my carpet a time or two at every place I've lived at since Senior year of college. I've broken a glass the next morning as I launched it from my bedside table trying to turn off my alarm. My side of Blue Eyes' white comforter is speckled covered with red wine spots from a similar alarm-induced spill. Call me a lush, but there are few things I enjoy more than sipping on some wine while reading my Kindle or browsing on my laptop.

Bordeaux in the Bedroom got the ax when I brought it up to Blue Eyes and he said, "Sounds like bored in the bedroom." That was that, no more BITB.

The other options all had something to do with feathers, gold, glitter or lace. But there were already a bunch of well-established blogs with hundreds of followers with similar names. Obviously I started following them all and have fallen in love with the content, but I knew I'd need to get a little more creative to find a title that would stand out.

So I'm listening to one of my favorite bands on my iPod one day and up pops the song Finer Feelings. By this point, I knew I wanted my blog to be something that makes people feel good when they're done reading it. And I figured "fine" was a perfectly suitable synonym for good. It also didn't put limitations on my content, since you might feel fine after reading something about fashion, hearing new music, looking at pretty pictures or when I'm poking fun at myself.

There you have it. That's how finer feelings was born. Now go out there and enjoy your Labor Day weekend. I will be in Manhappy tomorrow, cheering on the Wildcats!


  1. I'm so ready for tomorrow! #emaw

  2. Finer Feelings is much more original than Keeping Up with the Kutters. Ha! Coming up with a blog name sucks. I struggled with it too. Obv, look what I ended up with:). I was just at the lake of the Ozarks last weekend too! It was cloudy:(


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