2012 resolution status update

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do you have drafts that have been sitting in your Posts queue forever? I just cleaned mine out and realized I never hit the Publish button on a post about my New Year's resolutions. Whoops - That's an easy way to get out of keeping them.

Only 5 1/2 months late, here are my 2012 resolutions:

I keep this framed scrapbook paper on my vanity (see those toothbrushes making their first blog appearance?) so I'm conveniently reminded of my resolutions every day. Here goes the status update:

1. Learn Spanish. 
I spent weeks stalking eBay for a cheap and legitimate set of Rosetta Stone CDs to no avail. Then in February, I received a promotional email for a 12-month online-only subscription for $20/month. Holy bargain! Seriously, have you seen how much those CDs cost? Since then I've passed one level (out of TWENTY) but regardless, I'm on my way to communicate with the locals at the two Mexican destination weddings I'm attending over the next eight months. Gracias.

2. Work out three times/week. 
Meh, more like once or twice on average. But hey - that's progress compared to this time last year.

3. Go to church more often. 
I'd say my monthly attendance would earn me a C if the Catholic church gave out grades.

4. Eat more veggies. 
This one is conveniently hard to quantify.....

5. Read 12 books. 
Now here's something I'm excited about! I bought the Kindle at the beginning of the year, which has made this goal much more attainable.

In progress: 50 Shades of Grey | I Will Teach You to be Rich (<---- you can make fun of me for this one but I'm enjoying it!)

How's everyone doing on their New Year's resolutions? What other books should I put in my Amazon wishlist?


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