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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chirp... chirp.... [crickets, not birds].... Yes I've been quiet lately. I've been in beautiful Boston for a business trip, and the client had very strong firewall limitations where I wasn't allowed to access Blogger, but was able to get to Pinterest. Looks like they need to update their blocked sites as Pinterest is the biggest time suck of most 20-30 something women's lives since online shopping was invented by geniuses.

As previously mentioned, I saw Tim Gunn IRL a few weekends ago and haven't been able to share the experience until now! He was just as pleasant and upbeat (and precious) in person as he is on Project Runway. And apparently he's on some show called The Revolution on ABC, but I had never heard of that before. Which was sort of his point of bringing it up, I guess no one watches it. Wow I'm rambling today, I've missed the old bloggie. 

I went to see the Silver Fox with my friend Casey. We sent many a text that morning trying to figure out what to wear, downed two mimosas at my apartment and then walked the (dangerously) short distance to the kate spade store on the Plaza to see the main attraction! PS Sorry for the sometimes-fuzzy shots, we were standing towards the back....

mimosas to ward off the pre-celeb sighting jitters

Tim and his cute co-host, wearing Kate Spade striped celina dress

left: kerrigan striped dress right: tropical orchid elliana dress
Prints and bright colors walking down the runway first.

Tim said white is hot for spring yet again this season. I love all three of these outfits!

Lucky Brand sabrina denim jacket
The ubiquitous denim jacket. 

abstract arielle tee, cropped micah jacket, stargazer pants
Perfect work outfit, don't you think?

linen viola dress
Loving all the purple!

topliner trench
The trench is to die. This was Tim's way of showing how easily it is to dress it up or down.

At the end of the show, Tim hosted a Q&A session where I learned he absolutely thought Mondo should have beat Gretchen in that season of Project Runway. Totally with you, Tim!


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