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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First off, shout out to one of my favorite bloggers, Allyson at Mimosas in the Morning for this hump day motivation. My mom says this all the time whenever one of the cousins blurts out "I'm bored" in that whiny, high-pitched way little kids (and grown-ups who need more hobbies) do.

Now on to the subject of this post: finding a good gift for the men in our lives. I am a self-proclaimed boys' girl. Not a tomboy mind you. That ship sailed in 1st grade when I realized playing dress up was way better than playing any sport. I grew up surrounded by families with three boys in tow and and have a wonderful little brother; no sisters to steal my clothes and make up. I'd much rather watch football all day on Saturday and Sunday than watch a marathon of some Bravo or E! show, or Lifetime movies. Luckily I found some prime high school and college girlfriends along the way to share secrets and go shopping with, learn important life lessons from (like everything is better with a little cookie dough and champagne) and go on unforgettable trips with.

But back to the boys. They can be a real pain to shop for, don't you think? Blue Eyes is particularly difficult because he hates most anything to do with recent fashion (opposites attract, right?). All the men in my life buy whatever they want whenever they find it, so there's no point in asking for lists. So the key is to find items that they either don't know they want yet, or wouldn't spend money on for themselves. Here's a little guide (tailored mostly toward the boyfriend/brother/best guy friend) that will hopefully provide some help!

1. RHCP Live at Slane Castle DVD. There's not a better DVD to have on in the background for a party.
4. Bakon vodka (perfect for bloody mary's!)
5. Lego Star Wars alarm clock. Judge me all you want but if you have a Yoda/Anakin/Darth fan in your life (like I do, what went wrong?), you'll be their hero with this gift. 


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