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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have been collecting gallery wall art for this whole bedroom renovation idea of mine over the last few months. To put it simply, it has proven more difficult than originally anticipated. I feel like almost everyday there is a new gallery wall posted on one of the blogs I follow, so lack of inspiration isn't the problem. This abundance may also be why some people think gallery walls are overdone. This might be true, but I think they are aesthetically brilliant and I have the perfect wall space right across from my bed.

 I made a promise with myself that if I was going to spend money on art, it had to be something original. Maybe most importantly, I want to feel connected to the art immediately upon seeing it. No second guessing. No trying to picture it in my room. I think the art we have in our homes are little windows our visitors can peek into to see what we deem important. If you have really out-there abstract art, you probably value free thinking and non-conformity. My aunt, who loves 80s pop (which is awesome), has her old vinyl album covers framed throughout her entire basement. My mom has a lot of the Italian countryside, us kids, and religious symbols on the walls. Mine will surely be a mix of encouraging words and pretty images.

If I had to choose one artist I've found through Etsy for the entire gallery wall, it would be Jessica Durrant from JessicaIllustration. Completely in love with her designs. Don't you agree?

What would (or do!) you include in your gallery wall?


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