Monday, January 28, 2013

I took a longer break from the blog than expected. A week of that break was because I was here:

In case you're curious, all but the photo with the beer and Kindle were taken with the Rebel
Love, LOVE it.

The rest of the blog break, how do I say this, is because I've been looking for a j-o-b. That little endeavor I mentioned here? Yeah, didn't work out. It sure wasn't for lack of effort. To put it extremely kindly, the devil angel investor backed out on his entire investment while I was boozing about San Pancho. So on my second day in Mexico, I received an email from this guy announcing he is pulling the plug on 12 people because his health is bad and he's stressed.


It should have ruined the trip, but some people have an uncanny ability to compartmentalize. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's not. In this case, I did all but forget about the situation waiting for me at home for the rest of our time in paradise. Thank goodness for tequila.

I learned a lot in those 2 months of starting a company. Lots and lots and lots. But the most important lesson I'd like to document here (in case I get any hair-brained ideas and want to start a company again someday) is to ask for the financials and a business plan before signing anything. Duh, right? I'm a finance major, I should have known better. But things get exciting, you trust people you shouldn't, you get that giddy light-headed feeling of exhilaration, and you go with it.

The upside of being unemployed: I allow myself to drink wine every night that I apply for a job. So it's Monday night, and you better believe I'm drinking wine. Cheap wine. Because after all, I'm unemployed.

Truthfully though, unemployment is nothing to take lightly. I kind of joke about it here because you don't want to read a sob story and because I'm awkward. And because this isn't the worst thing that could happen to me. I'll be fine and happier in the long-run doing something else (until then, does anyone need their dog walked?). I do want to say, there are a handful of my former colleagues who have been left high and dry by this horrible man (dangit, I knew that would slip in my typing somewhere) in a depressed economy in upstate New York with kids and sick parents to take care of. I pray for and think about them everyday. It's heart breaking.

With that, if you have a job, take today to be extra thankful for it.

Sorry for the debbie downer ending there, but that's what's been up lately.
Onward ho with the job search!


  1. glad you got some good practice with the camera! and a big "YOU CAN DO IT!" from my corner over here. thinking about you!

  2. I had no idea! You are FANTASTIC at compartmentalizing. Maybe a find a great job that puts that skill to use? I agree with Victoria. YOU CAN DO IT.

  3. I feel like I'm going through the exact same thing as you, got into a brand new company and it's been ROUGH..may be in the same boat as you soon..ugh- frustrating! Hang in there girl!

  4. Oh man. I'm so sorry to hear about your business. One of my best friends was unemployed for the longest time, straight out of college. It was the worst, because he had like a kajillion dollars in student loans.

    I'm glad to hear you're rewarding yourself with wine, though, and you totally don't sound like a debbie downer at all. You seem to be making the best of the situation, and on the bright side-- at least you got to go on amazing trip!


    P.S., Yay for matching Frye boots! I'm your newest follower, 1. because we have matching boots, and 2. because you're a really good writer!

  5. So sorry to hear about your job, Monica! I'm currently on the job hunt as well, love the wine idea I may just try that out tonight. ;)

    Also EXTREMELY jealous of your Mexico pics on this freezing cold day!

  6. I just went to Mexico too! Sorry to hear about your company:(. Just wasn't meant to be. You'll find something better and something that doesn't possess devil qualities. That last pic of you two is gorgeous!!

  7. What?!! Oh San Pancho. An amazing trip but sounds like we both had some stuff going on. So sorry to hear this friend! I'm with Krista ... no doubt you'll find something amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have you. We need a drink. :)


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