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Friday, January 11, 2013

I am aware of the following facts:
1. Mexico is warm when Kansas City is cold
2. Mexico is fun
3. Weddings are amazing
4. Mexico + wedding = REALLY good time
5. I'm visiting Mexico twice, both for weddings, within six weeks of eachother
6. My life is completely ridiculous

Far from a travel professional (still haven't been to Europe, tsk tsk), I have traveled south of the US border a handful of times over the past few years. The crazy thing is, I get to travel south again in 5 days, which also happens to be my 27th birthday. Which is why I felt obligated to list #6 above. It's the truth.

Naturally, I'm waiting until the last minute to pack. But luckily with my recent escapades to Tulum (first of the 2 weddings), Dominican Republic, and Cancun, I have the warm weather vacation packing list pretty much down to a science.

In case you're planning a trip somewhere warm during these last cold months of the season (or if you just want a head start on pool season), here are a few of my tropical vacation must haves.

j. crew popover
I have this in white (shown in chambray) and got it a size up so it would be longer, and use it as a cover-up. It's especially perfect if you're going on an booze cruise excursion where you'll be in the sun for hours on end and want those sleeves by the end of the day. It also makes me feel preppy on the beach, which I love.

stella & dot charlize teardrop earrings
These bring a beachy element to any outfit. I wear them nearly 100% of the time I'm on a tropical vacation.

soprano racerback maxi
This maxi is super form-fitting and lightweight. It's perfect as a cover-up as long as your bikini bottoms don't have string-tie sides, or as a casual dress at night.
havaiana sandals
In the blogging world, Jack Rogers sandals rule the roost; but I can't wrap my head around forking over $100+ on beach shoes. Havaianas are comfortable, reasonable, and offer really cute designs.
lumene vitamin c+ day dream with SPF
All day. Everyday. Plus it smells like citrus. This redhead has not had a face sunburn in two years.

Top photo by me while in Cancun December 2011.


  1. well oh dear. I forgot how much I really wanted Jack Rogers till you put it in this post. And I thought all my shoe pining was done now that I own Hunter Boots (which you did tell me was worth it. :-))


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