Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You might think by the title of this post that there is nothing fine about this subject. Don't get me wrong - losing friends is a sad occasion, whether it's from lack of communication or a big argument. Unless, of course, the friends you are losing are those people on Facebook that write about the weather, their day at work, political epiphanies, how super stressed they are and ask what they should make for dinner every night. You know who they are.... the over-sharers. Vom.com.

Only a few months ago I realized you can simply unsubscribe from said people, so they're still technically your "friend" but you don't see any of the jargon/games/bazillion pictures of their cat pop up on your feed. No feelings hurt, right? But did you know that now you can see who unfriends you? All you have to do is download the Unfriend Finder, which will tell you if anyone removes you from their friends, or deactivates their Facebook account. Try it out - it's really easy and could be interesting!


  1. sounds very interesting. i should try it :-)
    nice blog- congrats!
    wish you a wonderful thursday.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

    1. Thank you Maren! I'm enjoying getting caught up on your blog... you have great style. Have a lovely weekend!


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