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Friday, March 23, 2012

Alright party people, it's almost wedding season and you know what that means: most of the discretionary income you earn over the next couple months will be spent on shower gifts, bachelorette shots, travel, new dresses, bachelorette gifts, new shoes, wedding gifts.... omg you know the drill.

Now, I freaking love weddings and I also really like giving gifts. Most times it's easy to pick out something you know the couple wants from their registry. But what happens when everything has been purchased except the dinky $5 spatula and the KitchenAid blender? Or when you want to give something a little different to a great couple? That's where this little Etsy shop will come in handy.

These are my go to gift. The Copper Poppy over at Etsy is where it's at. She can make these charms with any words on them! Gift a set of 6 along with Riedel wine glasses and you're good to go!  I promise this isn't sponsored, I'm just one very happy customer!


  1. oooh. i think dan and i will get married again so that you can get us these. awesome idea.


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