oops... I did it again

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sorry I'm not sorry for the b. spears reference in the title. I still love brit brit. But this isn't about her. It's about something I'm confessing to right here, right now: I broke my Lenten promise.... again. BUT, before you judge (you probably already are. See: title of post again in case you missed it) I have been on a mad hunt for a pleated accordion knee-length to maxi skirt since this entry, and I finally found one for a ridiculously low price (under $20!) and in something other than muted burgundy (vom) and black. Here's what's coming to mama in 1-2 days:

Zoo Accordion-Pleat Chiffon skirt

Cute, right? It comes in pink too for all you pink lovers.


  1. You're in KC?! So happy to have found you! You say "vom" so we are pretty much already friends :)

    And everyone should understand about the under $20 yellow pleated skirt. A must!!

    1. I love finding KC bloggers, I'm you're newest follower and loving it!


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