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Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy almost St. Patrick's day! As a red head that pretends to have Irish lineage, I LOVE this holiday! And I truly don't think green gets enough attention in the fashion and interior design world. It is my second favorite color (second only to purple) and has some seriously gorgeous shades in its color wheel.

If you watched 30 Rock last night, you saw Jenna Maroney rock one amazingly monochromatic emerald ensemble. I'm sad to say I can't find an image of it yet on the internets, so hopefully you have it saved on your DVR. She looked glamazing.

Depending on the time of the K-State game tomorrow (Go Cats!) I will be heading out to the St. Patty's Day parade in historical Westport in both green AND purple, which is.... wait for it..... also one of my favorite color combinations! Not Barney the dinosaur purple and green, more like this:

Here's where I give lots of love to the beautiful shades of green that should be more prevalent in design and style. Please, out with the pink that clashes with my skin tone and hair, and in with the green! Who's with me?

Enjoy the visual feast, I'm off to imbibe in pre-celebration of St. Patty's!

{All images via my Pinterest boards: doors, interiors, style, accessorize this, over the hills and far away}


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