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Monday, April 23, 2012

Who has gotten in to the bright lips look this spring? At first, it reminded me of my mom, who has never left the house without some shade of coral or magenta on her lips since 1986. Probably earlier, but I'm unable to recollect that far back. Not that a trend reminding me of mi madre is a bad thing; she's a pretty happening 56 year old who at times buys clothes for herself I've been coveting and waiting to go on sale. Future post idea: my mom's style through the decades. 

Back to the topic. This past weekend, Blue Eyes was in Houston and my roomie was in Wichita, so I was lonely. And when I get lonely, I go shopping. Danger zone shopping. So I went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom and promptly asked them to work some magic on my lips. No more nude glosses and chapstick for me. I needed a pop of color that was completely out of my comfort zone. And oh boy did I get it!

MAC "Viva Glam Nicki" lipstick via my Instagram

I wore it to an engagement shower on Saturday with this gloss over to mute it a bit, and loved it. I couldn't believe it! As a redhead, I would've never ever in a hundred years imagined I'd buy a bubble gum pink lipstick and actually wear it.

Are you already wearing a bright lip color? Fill me in, I could always use some more inspiration!


  1. I definitely love a bright lipstick - it can definitely make an outfit pop even more! That color looks so pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I have been so timid to wear bright lipstick too (and the first thing my mom does in the morning, is put on a bright lip). I dipped my toe in the water with Clinique's almost lipstick in Black Honey, and now I am hooked. I am thinking about trying Mac's Heat Wave next! Love your bright pink too

  3. Cute color! Love it with your mint nails! lol


  4. I have recently been playing with various lip colors....Yves Saint Laurent "Rouge pur Couture" is a MUST! I'm so obsessed! They stay on all day and don't dry your lips out or bleed onto your skin. (I'm sounding like a cheesy make-up commercial, but it's the best beauty buy I've made in forever.)



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