month in photos: march

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm starting a new installment on the blog where at the beginning of each month, I upload some of my favorite pictures from the previous month. I hope you enjoy while I track my adventures, findings (like little Bowie down at the bottom), obsessions and projects!

flying to Orlando for a work conference

"The Capitol" drinks at The Hunger Games Fork & Screen. Those are glow sticks! in the drink!

Lake of the Ozarks for a little mock Spring Break

Opened up one of my favorite wines from the Napa trip to enjoy with my parents and Blue Eyes

rainbow on Highway 50 en route to the Ozarks

Cute new hair ties for spring

This little guy (who we later found out is named Bowie) ran away from home. Some friends and I took care of him until we got hold of his owners the next day. How precious is he?  
I leave for the Dominican Republic first thing tomorrow morning! Woo hoo! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Cheers :)


  1. i love this new little installment that you have started. and that boxer . . . i feel like you need one. dog park dates. ummm, YES!


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