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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A little over a year ago, I went to an Arbonne house party and bought (among many other things) a face primer. I'd never used primer before and didn't know much about it's purpose. The consultant was adamant I needed it for my *fair, dry, freckly face. $40 later I had a fluid ounce of the stuff without the slightest idea when to put it on or why it was so important, and had a suspicious feeling it would sit in my drawer forever and never get used.

I admit, I was wrong. I used it almost every day. I found the primer kept my powder/blush/bronzer on my face better, and prevented shiny forehead disorder. Once it was empty, I found a sample size primer from smashbox which had sat in said drawer for at least 4 years. Now I'm almost finished up with the smashbox stuff and deciding whether to make another rather large (for my makeup budget) purchase of primer. Hence why I look to you - my blog friends for advice.

There are articles out there that say makeup primer is as important for your face as paint primer is to a wall. I'm not so sure I saw the line smoothing & pore diminishing benefits, but I like the idea of another layer protecting my skin from the sun and any potentially harmful/pore-clogging ingredients in makeup.

Do you use a primer and if so, what kind? Are you completely hooked or am I inventing these benefits because I spent $40 on a bottle of primer?

*whoooo's jealous??


  1. When I was in Chicago I spent some time at the Nars makeup counter at Saks and she told me allll about the primer. She used it on my face along with the tinted moisturizer and I immediately became obsessed. Those two things are on the top of my wish list.

    1. Gosh I wish we had a Saks here.... If you're sold on their primer then I definitely need to check it out at Nordy soon. Thanks Hill!


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