trip highlights: nashville

Monday, February 11, 2013

Or NashVegas, as some like to call it.
Stick 12 sorority sisters in any city and it's going to be a good time. But put all of us in Music City, and times aren't only good, they're downright rowdy.

This is not even close to a comprehensive city guide of Nashville, because we almost never left Broadway street. For a really amazing (although slightly dated now) post on all things Nashville, head on over here. For a few pictures of the fun the city has to offer on a girl's trip, keep on scrolling.

Now I know back here I said our only set plan was to go to Bluebird Cafe. I was so excited to tell all you Nashville show lovers about it. Turns out, our reservations were for Friday night instead of Saturday night. So we missed the Bluebird, but to be honest, it was probably for the best. When 9:30pm rolls around and you're with 11 of your best friends from 6 different states and just finished bar hopping along the main strip, it is highly likely you'd be asked to leave the famous listening bar due to volume control issues.

So instead, you could find us every night in the back of Tootsie's, usually on stage helping the bass player with his chords. We dined at some pretty delish spots, my favorites being Merchants for lunch and M for brunch. May I suggest the mimosas....

The rest of the trip was spent walking up and down Broadway, running in and out of live music bars as we pleased. I definitely did some damage in accomplishing resolution #4 that weekend. Thank you Nashville - for being so fun, so country, and so inviting to us all. We'll be back.


  1. we decided to copy you girls and booked our flights to nashville for may - i'm so excited! i'm going to have to pick your brain closer to time to see where we should hit up :) looks like you guys had so much fun!


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