Kanrocksas Countdown

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Over the past 4 years, I have been promising to check something specific off my bucket list: Attend a summer music festival. Bonnoroo. Lollapalooza. Sasquatch. They've all been on the summer to-do list, but for whatever reason (weddings, "saving money", lake trips, slacking) I am always disappointed come Labor Day weekend and I realize I've failed yet again.

But THIS YEAR, something AMAZING has happened. Now I love Kansas City, but not in a hundred years did I think we would get our own music festival! But that's just the case! Last month, my Twitter feed started blowing up about something called Kanrocksas. Sounded to me like something real country - woof. After further research, it it is a rock/indie music festival featuring one of my current all-time favorite bands! (Yes I'm link happy today.)

Yes it's at a speedway instead of a field (which we have plenty of here in the KS/MO area) BUT the great news is this just might put KC on the map for progressive music. Which may lead to more shows over more weekends,  instead of suffering through work on a Tuesday morning after a huge Monday night concert because your city isn't a big deal enough to have a weekend show.

Hope to see you, the Black Keys, Muse, GirlTalk, Fitz and the Tantrums, and many more the weekend of August 5th! Woo hoo!


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