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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wow this past weekend flew by.... How about yours?

I watched Horrible Bosses (loved it), went to a baby shower and gifted this sweet blankie (Mom-to-be and I were Chi-O's together at K-State, gotta rep the owl!) and  had a wonderful time at a wedding Saturday night. There was even a productive trip to Home Depot yesterday. I felt like a real grown up waking up early and being productive from not poisoning myself with booze all weekend. With that said, I'm sure I'll be back to my normal ways next weekend.....

One item on my weekend to do list I didn't get to check off was a trip to Forever21 to find a chambray top. I have been loving all the different looks you can get from this one simple (and so 90s) blouse. I can't wait to get one in my closet!

Under a comfy & cute elbow patch sweater.

All by itself - with jeans!

As a quasi-jacket.

Tucked and buttoned.

Paired with neon. So unexpected but totally works.

*all images are from my Pinterest, where sources can be found!


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