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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Props to Alexandra Wilson of Gilt Groupe. Just one day after I told myself to hold off on any more impulse online shopping through the rest of September (yes I realize it's only 2 more days, I have a problem!!), I get an email from Gilt with two words I can't ignore: Kate. Spade.

The only item of Mrs. Spade's I've been able to afford has been her cute & chic stationary. Well those days of ogling my friends' Kate Spade accessories and wishing for my own are over.... in keeping with the trend of the last few posts (I must be in some sort of subliminal shoe OCD zone), I am going to be the proud owner of these beauties!!

Kate Spade Fierce peep toe flat

They'll be great for the holidays, don't you think? Do you own anything Kate Spade? What's your favorite?


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