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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This week I'm in San Antonio for a work conference. If you've never been to one of these before, there is always a keynote speaker to kick off the event, and by 6pm 50% of the attendees are wasted and being completely politically incorrect. Since I'm not actively trying to lose my job, I'll focus on the first part of that description and remain in the boring 50% of the audience.

This morning, our keynote speaker was Vicki Hitzges. I usually don't get too excited over these speeches, but I liked Vicki's message today and thought I'd share with everyone.

"People reach out to people who reach out."

Simple, right? But a great mantra to remember when heading in to the office, meeting someone new, trying to decide if you have enough time to call your best friend, or going to an interview. 

On a totally unrelated note - has anyone gone to Target yet to stock up on the Missoni goodies? I heard their site crashed earlier this morning already. I can't decide if this jumpsuit can be pulled off without looking like a clown. Hopefully they have it in stock when I get back to KC on Thursday.... how fun is this??

missoni for target jumpsuit

Well, off to some information sessions about finance and state laws - yippee. 


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