style inspiration: 4th of july

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's almost the 4th of July! Here's what is getting me in the mindset for a fun Wednesday night and weekend celebration.
4th of July
shirt // shorts // TOMS // tote // photo
Couple things:

1. How much fun is that girl having on the back of the motorcycle? I wish I looked that cool when I was on a Harley...
all i needed was an American flag...
2. I really don't like jorts. At all. I know, they're kind of an American classic but I've seen too many pairs gone wrong. However the ones above are all sorts of right. The pockets hanging out of the bottom are a little, um, promiscuous for my normal taste level but when it's the 4th of July, anything goes.
3. I need those TOMS for this weekend stat.


  1. OMG are those American flag TOMS?! I NEED THOSE. Absolutely amazing. Have a very happy Fourth!


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