lake bound with my bests

Friday, July 13, 2012

Is there anything better than a weekend with your besties?


Well, maybe a full week. But we've got work and babies and wedding planning to get back home to. So a weekend will have to do.

I've packed my favorite swim suit, lots of SPF 30, too many pairs of sunglasses and conjured up two playlists (one for the dock and one for the dance party) for one of my favorite weekends of the year. I'm heading to the Ozarks for the 9th annual pledge class lake trip.

We may be 26, but this weekend, we'll party like it's our first year of college, when we all met.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. I hope you all have a blast!! You look great in your picture and I wish you all many smiles for this year's lake getaway! Darling blog, happy I came across it! Have a great week!!

    Twirling Clare


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