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Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm a constant list maker. I use them for just about everything: daily work goals, shopping, baby names (I'm also a planner), restaurants, playlists, sunday chores. Today, I have one to share with you.

It's my bucket list. A work-in-progress that I plan to make additions to, but there you have it, in that bar right above this post. Blue Eyes calls it a wish list because he doesn't think it's filled with enough dare-devilish things for a bucket list. This coming from the guy who will be jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet tomorrow morning.....

I just have zero interest in that free falling stuff. Maybe that makes me boring. I mean, I am blogging on a Friday night. Hm. 

My friend Kyli got me started on my bucket list last summer. She asked all her friends to share their top bucket list item, and then she wanted to fulfill it with each of us. What a great idea! When she asked me, I admittedly hadn't thought much about it before. But when the pressure was on, and Kyli was looking at me expectantly, my brain synapses sparked and out came "learn to surf". 

Less than a year later, I did it! I actually got up on a board and surfed. I wish Kyli could have been in the Dominican with me, but I had to cross this off the list on my own with Blue Eyes' family. Kyli - I will go to Schlitterbahn and do the surf simulator with you, does that count?!

So I'm curious, what's on your bucket list?

on my way up
getting the hang of it 
feeling stable
terrified to fall. look at that face!


  1. Awesome pics! We took surfing lessons on our honeymoon and I definitely didn't have as good as form as you! I would love to jump out of a plane someday or bungee jump.


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