Happy birthday to the KING!

Monday, August 29, 2011

of Pop music, that is. Oh MJ, has it really only been over two years since you left us? I remember exactly where I was when I found out: sitting in a depressing cube at my first full-time job out of college where the walls, carpet, and furniture were all gray and everyone was oppressed by our evil CEO.... I cried at my computer screen a little when I read the news, and unfortunately that didn't go unnoticed. But my co-workers had no idea how many hours I had spent in my high school years watching, memorizing, learning and teaching Michael's moves. Don't EVEN get me started on the Katy Perry debacle. She's great, but let's please not try to compare her work to Michael's.

Anyway (sorry for the rant, holy Monday!) who has played Michael Jackson's The Experience on Wii? Oh my, it is a treat. Not only are the dance moves relatively close to the originals, but it is a work out! My friend brings it over to book club every other month and we all have a blast taking turns dancing and watching each other attempt to keep up with the Michael avatar. By the end of one song, I'm sweaty. By the end of three, I will undoubtedly be sore the next day. Plus I probably burn 500 calories from laughing, especially during the Russian part of Black or White.

So in honor of Michael's birthday, I wanted to share with you all what is, in my humble opinion, the three best MJ videos:

1. Thriller (it's the long one, sit back and enjoy)

2. Dirty Diana 

The closest I'll ever get to seeing him in concert...... Plus I freaking love his outfit.

3. Billie Jean

Again with the outfit - how prep!

That was nearly impossible to narrow down, but there you have it! What's your favorite Michael Jackson video?


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