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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thanks to Lucky Magazine (avid reader since issue #1), I have recently discovered a gem of a website. Shoe lovers: get excited. It's called milk & honey shoes, and simply stated, you create your own shoes at a fraction of Louboutin, Choo, and Blahnik's prices - without sacrificing quality.

I love chunky heels for work, but have a horrible time finding them in stores, especially in the color I want and within my budget. But I do really like these:
Diane Von Furstenberg Roxanne Pump
Prada Pilgrim Buckle Pump

Being a red head, I never wear pink, but how great would those Prada's be with a neutral outfit? Love.

Anyway, milk & honey shoes lets you create a pair of completely custom digs with your choice of toe, heel, height, embellishments, and TONS of different fabrics. I'm designing a pair of chunky heel loafers as I write this blog. You can check out the creators' story here. Plus, it's really fun to pretend you're a designer making final decisions on your line of shoes!


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