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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have struggled with thin, body-less hair all my life. My mom says I need to curl it in order for it to look good, but who wants to spend all that time with a curling iron or rollers in the morning? Not me. Not a morning person.

So, I've been lazy and worn it long and straight (and stringy) for the majority of the last 10 years. I teased my hair to new heights in college; for some reason this was considered OK for the better part of my 4.5 glorious years at K-State. Looking back, I was dangerously close to this look:

NOT OK!! No offense to Drew, she's beautiful no matter what but yikes, imagine this with straight red hair. I'm sure this bouffant look will come circling its way back in style, but for now, this is unacceptable.

Recently, I've found some really fast and easy tricks I thought I'd share with everyone who has hair troubles like mine....

1. My favorite is the following video from Lucky. It's a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily and quickly get beautiful bouncy hair. I just used this trick last weekend for a wedding and was thrilled with the turnout!

2. This next video provides easy instructions on how to do a waterfall braid on yourself. If you can french braid, you'll have no problem picking this up. I've been wearing this look most weekends, especially after completing #1.

3. Lastly, for those mornings I hit snooze 4-5 times, the Katniss braid. Named after the bad ass protagonist in The Hunger Games (obsessed). Wearing it now and all the time here. Find out how to do the reverse french braid part here.

On an unrelated note, happy last few hours of hump day! I personally can't wait for the weekend....


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