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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy hump day! As promised, here is the recap of my wonderful weekend getaway to Napa with my girlfriends!! If you are not at all interested in reviews of places to eat, wineries to visit or the other lovely amenities Napa has to offer, skip down to the pics..... But fair warning, you should be interested. Napa is amazing!

First item up for discussion: The Vineyards

We trekked to nine wineries over our three-day stay. My favorites were the ones tucked away in the mountains where the GPS lady would say our destination was only 6 miles away, but it took 25 minutes to get there due to the windy roads hugging the cliffs. Of course there wasn't a single vineyard that was less than enjoyable, but my two favorites were Barnett Vineyards and Outpost Wines. These had the best views, excellent ambiance and my favorite Pinot Noir and Grenache, respectively.

The other *wonderful* wineries we visited were Cade, Alpha Omega, Cliff Lede, Hess, Robert Mondavi, Grgich Hills and Darioush. I could seriously write an entire post about each of these experiences they were so great.... well except Cliff Lede, where I was more than a bit hazy after 3 wineries and a visit to Pancha's (make sure you have cash and have decent knowledge of Dire Straits for this little gem!). So I guess I need to go back to give Cliff Lede a real chance next time.

Here's the view from Barrnett Vineyards:

Can you believe this gorgeousness???

Second item: f00d!

Like I said in my previous post, we had all of our tasting fees waived, and did I mention we had all of our accommodations taken care of, too? Seriously, my friend is a big shit in the wine industry. So we decided to spend all our funds saved up for the trip on food!

My no-contest favorite meal was at Redd, where I enjoyed scallops, fried bone marrow (that was a first) and the most amazing steamed pork buns I could have ever imagined. For real. We all enjoyed the pork buns more than our expensive entrees.

Other restaurants on the must-visit list were Mustards Grill and Bistro Jeanty. Both fabulous for foodies and non-foodies alike. I unfortunately fall in the non-foodie category since I'm on the picky side, but I'm trying to get better!!

OK, third item: Pictures!! Enjoy :)

at Outpost


We all met thanks to Chi Omega, whose mascot is the owl. Hootie hoo!

Barrel room at Mondavi

via my Instagram (monicarosekc)


We had so much fun!!!


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